Trending styles changing the way you look at light bulbs

Light bulbs are the icon of creative inspiration. Yet, they haven't had a makeover in over 100 years.  Thomas Edison's early clear model was soon replaced with a soft white version that reigned for 80 years before the vintage 'Edison' bulbs gained popularity in the 1990s.

Since then, exposed light bulb fixtures (which showcase the light bulb inside fully or partially) have become a major lighting trend. There are thousands of options including chandeliers, pendants, sconces, desk lamps and most recently decorative table lamps.

Yet just the two bulb options remain at most stores - clear or white. Clear Edison's have been most popular for exposed lighting, but have their drawbacks:

  • Do not provide enough light, or...
  • Filaments are so bright they are blinding
  • Have a distinctly industrial and vintage vibe
  • Provide no design impact when turned off leaving fixture looking bare

Fortunately, there is a worldwide lighting trend that is elevating the humble light bulb into a bona fide design element. Below you'l find 7 Edison bulb alternatives that truly deliver on design impact. 

And don’t worry if you love the classic Edison style - a few creative Edison inspired bulbs make the list!


Stylish light bulbs for your stylish space 


Relamp's printed collection features vivid designs from marble to wood and clouds and floral. When lit, the design glows and provides useful and even light (no patterns projected on the walls). They become an extension of the light fixture they are paired with and enhance your interior design in a whole new way.

Lighting Trend: Patterned Light Bulbs 
 Source: Relamp


There has been a designer light bulb trend over in the UK that started in 2010 with Buster+Punch who re-imagined the Edison filament and Plumen who re-designed the curves of the CFL. Luckily both bulbs are available stateside with energy efficient LED versions that do not contain mercury.

Lighting Trend: Designer Light Bulbs

 Source: Plumen Buster+Punch 


Another UK company called Tala creates blown light bulbs with an organic shape and large size that makes a design statement. While their gorgeous bulbs are quite costly, there are also over-sized versions of Edison bulbs widely available on Amazon and specialty lighting sites.

Lighting Trend: Over-sized light bulbs

 Source: Tala / Rejuvenation



Gold and chrome dipped light bulbs have become and big trend in lighting in the past year with many retailers like CB2 and West Elm now carrying them online. They are a fun way to complete the fixture or with the new exposed bulb table lamps on the market. Be sure to choose LED options for energy efficiency!

Light Bulb Trends: Dipped Light Bulbs



If you’re looking for simple beauty in your light bulb porcelain light bulbs are a new option from Tala. Offered in classic light bulb shapes and interesting new shapes they can offer some extra style, especially when paired with medium to dark wall color.

Porcelain Light Bulbs

 Source: Lightology


If you’re looking to be different without making too much of a statement, there are some beautiful textured glass options. Note that some patterns may affect the light provided, casting shadows and uneven light.

Lighting Trend: Glass Cut Light Bulbs

 Soure: CB2 / Wayfair


In China, where 80% of light bulbs are made, there has been a huge amount of creativity with filament and bulb shapes. Have some fun with a heart, spiral or fireworks design.

Light Bulb Trends: Creative Filament Shapes

 Source: Etsy 


Find more light bulbs & exposed bulb fixtures on Pinterest



 Have any other favorites? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Stay bright,




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