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We're proud to share our first 2019 featured charity to be the The Cancer Couch Foundation.

They will receive 10% of net proceeds for every light bulb sold on and 5% sold through our retail partners through March 31st to aid in their efforts to find a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime. 


Metastatic breast cancer, also known as stage 4 breast cancer, occurs when the cancer spreads to other parts of the body. There is currently no cure and the average prognosis is just 2-3 years.

  • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime
  • 6-10% are diagnosed at stage 4 from the beginning
  • 30% of those diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will eventually be re-diagnosed with MBC MBC is on the rise among women under 40
  • With no cure, 40,000 women and men die annually in the US—worldwide it’s 522,000

Source: American Cancer Society

Over the past two decades, breast cancer spending has been focused heavily on prevention and early detection. However, in 2015, a panel of the National Cancer Institute concluded that it wasn’t working. They found that improved screening resulted in the over diagnosis and over-treatment of cancers that are not life-threatening, without significantly reducing the death rate from the disease.

During that time, the percent of MBC diagnosis tripled.


When Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera was diagnosed with breast cancer, she said “Time stood still, while I struggled to make sense of this gut-wrenching news. I remember going to bed that first night wracking my brain thinking of what I could do to save my life. I would do anything. I was 43. My kids were 7 and 10.”

Weeks later, she experienced a miracle when her bone biopsy came back negative. Her cancer was rated a 3C and she was told, “Now we go for a cure." She was incredibly grateful for the news and yet forever changed by the experience. Just months later she founded The Cancer Couch Foundation, with the vow to keep working until everyone has the chance “to go for a cure.”

Photos of Cancer Couch Foundation Founder Rebecca Timlin-Scalera

At The Cancer Couch Foundation, 100% of donations go directly to MBC research. They carefully select the most promising, cutting-edge scientists in their field, at the world’s leading cancer centers. Every dollar they receive is matched; so, really 200% of donations go directly to MBC research.

Recently Dr. Timlin-Scalera learned that her breast cancer progressed (as 30% of cases do) to stage 4 MBC—just 2 years after her initial diagnosis. Now, she is fighting for her own life, alongside so many others.


I became aware of the need for more research when my cousin, Renata, was diagnosed with MBC a year after she ‘beat’ breast cancer. She died just 16 months later, leaving behind a loving husband and two young children. I could never describe her so well as her husband Chris did in a loving obituary:

A tireless reader of bedtime stories, the world's toughest woman, Intuitive interior designer, creator of unique Halloween costumes, talented oil painter, relentless gardener and beautiful singer, she leaves in her wake of grief a lasting and unmatched legacy of beauty, kindness and generosity among her family, friends, coworkers, Bowdoin alums, baristas and total strangers

Photos of my cousin Rennie

Rennie (as I called her) was the cousin I always wanted to be like growing up. She was witty, friendly and had such confidence in herself. As I grew older, she inspired my love for a curated and cozy home, appreciation for art and the desire to be a present and low-tech parent. And I learned so much as I listened to her unfailingly positive attitude tackle negativity, politics and even cancer. She truly was a light. 

Her influence shines through in our Relamp for Artists initiative, in which we commission and feature original artwork for our customers, and The Recreate Challenge that transforms our packaging into something fun and useful before it's recycled. And her hopeful spirit in our donation to The Cancer Couch Foundation for a world where a MBC diagnosis is not the final act.


Check out their Scoops Challenge - the ice cream eating contest where teams of 4 compete against other teams to see who can eat the most scoops in 3 minutes. 90% of money raised goes to research and 10% goes to your community in the form of a grant. Learn More  or Donate Directly

We sincerely thank you for joining us in our effort to 'Change A Light Bulb, Change The World'.

Stay bright,


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