LIGHTING TREND // Designer Light Bulbs

Designer Light Bulb Trend in US with Relamp Printed Light Bulbs

LIGHTING TREND // Statement Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are one of the few home decor elements that hadn't had a makeover in over a hundred years. The current options are largely inspired by the Edison bulb first commercialized in 1879 and the common white bulb in 1928. Technology and efficiency have improved by leaps and bounds - but style has taken a back seat.

Two years ago, while renovating my first home, I was slightly shocked to find out the choice was still only clear filaments or soft white. Light bulbs are the icon of creative inspiration after all. So my husband and I set out to invent our patent pending Printed Light Bulbs to elevate the light bulb in to a bona fide decor element. 

Along the way, we've discovered some other like-minded and talented artists that have elevated the light bulb to a statement piece and is powered by energy efficient LED technology.

Here are some of my favorites that are now available in the US:


Designer light bulb trend enters US with Plumen

Photo: Plumen

Plumen launched in 2010 with the belief that beautifully designed lighting would inspire the switch to more efficient technology. They won various awards for re-imaging the curves of the CFL light bulb with their 001 model. They have since moved towards LED in a completely new and beautiful way with their 003 design that features a sculptural gold inlay. 

Price: $59 - $189



Designer Lighting Trend enters US with Buster and PunchPhoto: Buster + Punch

Buster + Punch is a modern home fashion label based in London that created the first designer LED bulb. The Buster Bulb features a resin light pipe through the center of the bulb. It's got a modern and masculine vibe I love with their gorgeous pendant designs. Their latest creation is a small Puck Bulb that is perfect for modern sconces and table lamps. 

Price: $50 - $65 



Designer light bulb trend in the US with Tala statement bulbs

Photo: Tala 

Tala creates sculptural, mouth-blown glass bulbs that make a statement with their unique design and dramatic size. Their Voronoi and Basalt collections are loved by interior designers and architects around the world. Tala was founded on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change and they donate a percentage of revenue to reforestation programs around the world. 

Price: $155 - $8,000+



Relamp Designer Light Bulbs in Clouds for creative lighting design

Relamp's patent pending Printed Light Bulbs feature vivid designs, from marble to wood, without projecting the colors or patterns on the wall. Each bulb is unique through our small batch printing process in Minneapolis, MN. Our mission is 'Change a light bulb, Change the World' and every time you Relamp you reduce energy use, support worthy causes through our 10% donation, and spark creativity through our Recreate Challenge to reuse our packaging before it's recycled.

Price: $39


Do you know any other amazing designer light bulb companies I need to know about? Let me know in the comments.

Here's to light bulbs that inspire your space!

Stay bright,










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