Recreate Challenge: Table Lamp

Table Lamps. They are having a moment right now and I love it They are a fun way to style a light on your table, shelves or desk - and are perfect for our printed light bulbs! When my husband and co-founder Rob brought up the idea, I could hardly contain my excitement.

There are SO many possibilities with this project and I am so excited to see what you come up with! Like IKEA hacks excited. Whether you choose a short or tall lamp, it is a blank slate for your creativity with color, designs or extra elements. I'm so excited to see what you create!

Stay bright,


Robs Relamp Recreate Table Lamp Project

DIY Table Lamp to feature your Printed Light Bulb

By: Rob Schaack

When it comes to recycling, most of immediately think about sorting our waste plastic, glass, metal and paper products for the weekly curbside pickup. We breeze past the thought that re-purposing some of these items is a great way to extent their useful life and take strain off of the traditional systems. That’s where the RELAMP packaging comes in. Not only is it completely recyclable through the “weekly curbside pickup” channel, but it also offers limitless RECREATE opportunities.

The table lamp project is certainly a direct way to re-purposing and can be created to complement whichever design you choose. 

Items Needed:

  • RELAMP Printed Light Bulb
  • RELAMP Tube
  • Keyless Light Socket with Screw Top (Like this for $4)
  • 12 ft of Lamp Wire with Plug (Like this for $9.50)
  • Cardboard

     Tools Needed:

    • Scissors
    • Utility Knife
    • Drill with ¼” Bit
    • Wire Stripper
    • Electrical Tape
    • Decoration: Paint & Brush (We used this paint from home depot) - or whatever you can imagine! If you decide to wrap fabric or paper around the side of the base I would recommend you paint the top.
    • Paintable Caulking

    ** If you’re not comfortable with electrical wiring, please do not attempt this project or find someone who is to complete that portion of the project.**

    The RELAMP Lamp can be constructed two ways; using either the full tube or using the cap only.  This tutorial will focus on using the cap, but the steps to use the entire tube are similar.


    1. These first few steps focus on preparing the tube cap for installation of the keyless light socket.  To begin, remove the plastic window from the tube top and the black ring from the inside of the cap.  Both of these can easily be taken out with your hands.

    2. Since the opening in the top of the cap is too big to effectively hold the light socket, we’ll need to make a cardboard mount for it.  Using your piece of scrap cardboard, cut out a circular piece that can be fit into the recess on the cap.  This cardboard piece will also need a hole through the center to accept the light socket.

    3. Once this cardboard piece fits both the cap and the light socket, it’s time to install it and give the top a finished look.  With cardboard piece fit snugly into the cap recess, caulk around the side to fill any gaps.


    4. While that dries, cut three more cardboard pieces that will fit inside the cap and hold the socket securely.  These will also need to have a hole through the center for the socket as shown below.

    5. Next, drill a hole for the wires about ½” up from the bottom of the cap. If you are doing a tall version, do it 1" up from the bottom of the base.

    6. With the wiring hole drilled, check to see if the caulking on the cap is dry.  If not, take a break and give it some more time.  However, if it’s dry, let’s move onto painting.  I chose a metallic champagne paint from Americana Decor (at Home Depot) that I thought would contrast nicely with the black cord and socket.  It took two coats to completely cover the tube, so take your time.

    7. Once the paint is dry, slide the wires through the hole you drilled and connect them to the light socket. Insert the cardboard spacers onto the light socket and carefully feed it through the lamp top.


    8.   Screw on the top socket ring to hold everything in place, add a Printed Light Bulb and you’re done! 


    Be sure to share a picture of your table lamp and make our day! 

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