Giraffe printed light bulb in designer table lamp


We invented the Printed Light Bulb to inspire creativity, and shine a little fun, in your space.

Along the way, we began to notice incandescent light bulbs still hanging out everywhere, from trendy restaurants to big retail shelves. So our year-long journey to launch the home decor product of our dreams soon led to a bigger, brighter cause.

Relamp means "to replace the incandescent units of a fixture" and "to refit with a new type of bulb." It perfectly combines our goals for making the light bulb a featured design element and inspiring the masses to swap out old technology. We believe eye-catching designs can be a catalyst for jaw-dropping change.

We want our business (our very first!) to be a force for good, so we crafted our bold mission: Change A Light Bulb, Change The World.

We made sure they look good and do good. Every time you Relamp you reduce energy use, support worthy causes, and spark creativity for a child in your life.

Our Printed Light Bulbs help you proclaim your personal style, as they offer a glowing daily reminder to be a light in this world.

Stay bright,

Jess Schaack
Founder & CEO


RELAMP Founder Jess Schaack


Jess lived a type-A life attending college in London and working in marketing for iconic brands in cool cities, before having kids and embracing the chaos of the stay-at-home parent. When she and husband Rob bought their first home, she fell in love with home decor and DIY—and dreamt of a more exciting light bulb. Soon after her "light bulb moment" she penned the mission Change A Light Bulb, Change The World and crafted the brand to be a force for good focusing on the values of Charity, Sustainability & Creativity. 

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ROB SCHAACK // Operations

Rob has been an entrepreneur since age 14, when he bought 25 Eminem action figures at a music store closing sale and sold them on eBay for 80x the cost. What if conversations get real quickly with this guy endlessly driven to fill a market need, make things better and help others. His golf game is pretty good, too. Rob is Jess's husband and Relamp is one of many dreams he has helped her achieve.

Nick Nobbe

NICK NOBBE // Business Development

Nick is pure Minnesotan. He’s got a cabin up north, cycles 6 hours at a time, loves the 4 seasons, all of it. After a few years consulting right out of the U of M, he took a job that landed him in a shared cube with Rob right after the "light bulb" moment. He had planned to do his MBA but chose RELAMP instead. He’s that awesome. 

 Join Us On The Journey

We are probably a lot like you.

Cube dwellers. Busy parents. Pinterest junkies. We had a bright idea. Every morning, evening and naptime we did something to move it forward. We learned as we went. Went out of our comfort zone. Found other great small businesses to work with and learn from. Celebrated the wins and brainstormed through the challenges. Took risks. Now that we’ve put it out into the world, we can’t wait to see what happens next. 


RELAMP is proudly woman owned.

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