Relamp Printed Light Bulb Collection Featuring Colorful Designs From Giraffe Print to Marble

Meet the Printed Light Bulb. Kind of like Incandescent’s grandchild and Edison’s daughter, the printed light bulb is here to revolutionize the light bulb industry with a unique mix of style and eco-mindedness.


This light bulb can inspire a light fixture, or an entire room. No shades necessary.

Beautifully vivid prints adorn our LED bulbs, from marble to wood grain, to make a statement with the lights on or off:

  • When on, the designs glow and provide brilliant uniform light
  • When off, it becomes a home décor element that enhances your interior design

Our patent pending light filtering system creates a warm and inspiring ambience that illuminates evenly through our gorgeous designs, delivering an inviting glow for reading, entertaining or relaxing. 

Each exquisite light bulb is unique as a result of our small batch printing process done by hand in Minneapolis, MN. 


Ensure your look lasts for many clicks to come with LED technology.

Our LED light bulbs offer an impressive life of 18+ Years or 25,000 hours and energy efficiency that far surpasses traditional incandescent light bulbs.

We’re talking:

  • 24,000 more hours of use

  • 7x more energy efficient

  • 80% reduction in energy usage

  • Warm to the touch versus the incandescent that reaches 392-500°F (ouch!)

 Does that make you Say Watt?! Check out our Relamp to LED awareness campaign and share it with your friends and family.


The printed light bulb offers a whole new way of looking at light.

When turned on, each design is beautifully illuminated and provides warm to extra warm light, similar to an Edison style bulb, but with a little extra magic. It does not project patterns or colors on the walls.

Light temperature and brightness in lumens (plus an incandescent equivalent) are shared on each product page. Our light bulbs are ideal for accent lighting - learn how to create a  layered lighting plan on the blog.

Our lights are dimmable, so you can change the light for every mood. We recommend a dimmer specifically made for LEDs, as standard dimmers sometimes experience flickering or are unable to dim to 5%


Get some style inspiration and fixture parings on our Design Blog.

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